The connexion

The asset is located in numbers 6 and 8 of the Madrazo, a street formerly called the Greda. It is a road that connects the street of Cedaceros with Paseo del Prado, on one side of the current building of the Bank of Spain. The street intersects with others such as those of Jovellanos, where the Teatro de la Zarzuela is located; Marqués de Casa Riera and Marqués de Cubas; that connect to Alcalá street.

Singularity, contrasts and nineteenth-century essence

LOS MADRAZO is a unique building that consists of different entrance gates with great architectural interest and an unbeatable location. It emphasizes its unique style with architectural elements that take us back to the nineteenth century and that give the building a unique character, with a classic nineteenth-century structure with interiors of great beauty and potential. Timeless details such as light, space, ceiling height or noble materials are values that are still highly appreciated in today's homes.

Balance, modernity and elegance

The newly renovated building consists of a protected facade of elegant and sober classic style, built of exposed brick. Of it stand out the bar balconies, topped with mouldings and cornices that bring personality to the property. The large stately-looking portal was formerly a carriage pass and gives way to a charming courtyard. Inside stands out the central pavilion, a large open space that makes the complex a very special place.


The potential of homes is infinite. The buildability of LOS MADRAZO and its forms allow to create large rooms, make custom houses to give rise to spacious and bright spaces of high height. One of the most noteworthy features of this stately building is the combination of styles and contrasts, the coexistence of nineteenth-century architecture with current homes that breathe modernity. Original elements such as stairs, mouldings, and other ornamentations take you into a past full of history and class.

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